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Athletic & Sports Performance Optimization

Flexology Wellness also offers specific intervention strategies that cater to both elite and recreational sports athletes. Sports and Athletic Performance Optimization includes weight-management, muscle gain (hypertrophy), nutritional advice, strengthening and conditioning, sports-specific training and rehab, injury prevention, return to sport, pre and post-surgery rehabilitation for athletic injuries, and performance optimization for specific sports and activities.

Our specialists are trained and experienced in various sports and training techniques including; Basketball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Sprinting (100m-300m), Triathlons, Swimming, Golfing, Hiking & many more! Contact us to learn more!

Assists With:
  • Sports Specific Performance

  • Weight-Loss

  • Fitness Performance Improvement

  • Muscle Gain

  • Low Back & Neck Pain

  • Metabolic Conditions

  • Chronic Pain & Inflammation

  • Strengthening & Conditioning

  • Sports Function (Running, Jumping, Sprinting, Lifting)

  • Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

  • Sports Surgeries

  • Injury Prevention

  • General Health Optimization

  • Sports Specific Performance Optimization

  • Weight-Management Programs

  • Physical Cardiovascular & Strength Assessments

  • Hypertrophic Muscle Gain Training 

  • General Nutritional Advice

  • Strengthening & Conditioning Programming & Training

  • Private One-on-One Sessions

  • Access to State of the Art Performance & Wellness Center's with Professional

  • Customized Resistance, Cardio, & Mobility Training Programs 

  • Clinical & Fitness Exercise Instruction & Supervision

  • Complete 60 or 90 Minute Custom Workouts

  • Sports & Goal Specific Fitness Regimens

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly Check-ins & Follow Ups

  • Self-Exercise Program Development & Review

Recommended Services with Fitness & Athletic Training:
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