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About Us

Flexology Wellness is a multi-disciplinary health and wellness clinic that specializes in pain management & treatment, injury rehabilitation, nutrition & internal health, and with fitness & sports performance enhancement.  

The Flexology Expeience
Yoga Practice

The Flexology Experience

Pain Relief & Injury Rehab

Our highly trained specialists are experienced in treating various types of injuries and pain! 

Health & Nutrition

Our experienced team of nutrition professionals develop customized programs to help with fat-loss, GI-health, skin health, sports performance & much more!

Fitness & Training

Our Fitness Pros specialize in weight-loss, bodybuilding, CrossFit, high performance sports, running and much more to help you reach your goals pain and injury free!

Specialty Services

Foot Massage


Salad with Crispy Onions

Nutrition, Diet & Internal Health Programs

Medical Consultation

Supplements & Health Advice

Customized 3D Scanned and 3D printed office, sports, walking, and/or comfort orthotics. We can customize your orthotics to your specific needs and goals.

Custom made diet, health and nutrition programs based on your health, genetics, organs, and blood reports to help you reach your fitness and body goals quickly and safely!

We also sell a wide assortment of pharmaceutical grade health and wellness supplements, and our specialists can provide advice on optimal usage and doses!

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