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Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation

Using neuromuscular electrical impulses to increase strength and range of motion, reduce pain, and offset the effects of muscle and nerve atrophy & disuse.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Therapy utilizes various electrical impulses and stimuli to help improve neuromuscular function, strength and conditioning. This form of therapy is highly effective for those with chronic pain, movement issues, nerve damage, poor motor control, pain with movements, postural dysfunctions, pre and post-surgical interventions, and injury rehabilitation. This modality is also highly effective for elite and recreational athletes looking to improve performance outcomes.

Assists With:
  • Muscle Activation Deficiencies

  • Low Back & Neck Pain

  • Neuro-Electrical Muscle Strengthening

  • Sports & Muscle/Tendon Injuries

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain

  • Osteoarthritis Joint Pain

  • Disc Herniations & Bursitis

  • Concussions & Head Injuries

  • Sports Recovery & Performance

  • Frozen Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Pain

  • Ankle Sprains & Foot Pain

  • Sciatica & Neurological Conditions

  • Sports Performance Enhancement

  • Mobility & Movement Restrictions

  • Neuromuscular & Orthopaedic Assessment

  • Neurological Nerve Examination

  • Motor Point Assessment & Examination

  • Customized Neuromyofascial Assessment

  • Sensorimotor Electrical Therapy

  • Muscle Stimulation Reading & Customization

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

  • Functional Treatment (Strength, Endurance, Vascularization, Disuse, Pain & More)

  • Motor Re-Training and Optimization

  • Muscle & Nerve Strengthening

  • Nerve Regeneration & Conditioning

  • Customized Treatment Program

  • Self-Treatment Recommendations

  • Sports Specific Muscle Re-Patterning

  • Functional Movement Re-Patterning

Recommended Services with Neuro-Stimulation Therapy:
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